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Physician Directed Wellness Counseling

Telemedicine (Video or Phone) Consultations for Non-Members

Serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, and Delaware

Advantages of Telemedicine

✓  Convenience - There is no driving or waiting room time.  We start on time! 

✓  Cost- Savings - By not billing insurance companies doctors save time and money on staff and paperwork.  We are able to provide services at a fraction of the cost that physicians typically bill insurance.  Initial consultations for $59!

Modern Internal Medicine Membership Levels

Young Joggers


Offering but not requiring all of the following - you choose! 



Weight loss

Stress Management

Mobility/Athletic Performance

Diabetes/Hypertension Remission

    Wellness Optimization                               Physician Directed Wellness Counseling 



✓  Personalized dietary analysis and counseling


✓  Personalized exercise programs for all abilities ranging from improving your ability to walk to enhancing performance for a race, fitness competition, or job fitness test


✓  Holistic approach - physical, emotional, social, spiritual


✓  Navigate modern conveniences and remain healthy

✓  Identify personal stressors, triggers, and habits that hinder health

We do not overwhelm you with high intensity exercises or recommend extremely low calorie approaches that leave you hungry all the time.  Rather than market meal replacements or prescribe pharmaceuticals, we emphasize eating real foods.  While we provide access to premium supplements to interested patients, improvement in all areas of health and wellness can be achieved without pharmaceuticals or supplements.  For exercise counseling, we provide individual programs based on your current fitness level and fitness goals.  For most, we recommend low to moderate intensity exercises that improve your health and sense of wellbeing.  This approach lowers the chances of injury which enhances consistency and significantly improves the probability of long-term success.  If you are an advanced athlete more intense training is offered.


Our ultimate goal is to improve your nutrition, mobility, and your perception of stress and help you to develop lifelong strategies for health and wellness without the need for artificial medications or very restrictive diets.  We want to help you live the happiest and healthiest life possible!




Now offering initial consultations for $59!

Follow up consultations are $99 for 30 minutes.  Discount available for extended consultation.

We will provide an invoice that you may submit to your insurance company that may reimburse some of your fees.

*  Wellness counseling, in the form of patient encounters, is accessed by members as part of paid membership

Exclusions and Terms


Non-member patients will need to contact their primary care physician for prescription of medications, evaluation and diagnosis of medical problems, and for urgent/emergent issues. The scope of our telemedicine consultation services for non-member patients includes conversations via video or phone related to the wellness topics listed above only.   If you desire comprehensive primary care service including medication management, discounted lab and imaging testing, urgent care, chronic disease management, in-person evaluations, and on-call services and you live within driving distance of Frederick, MD, please consider our Direct Primary Care membership.

    Wellness Optimization                               Physician Directed Wellness Counseling 

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