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Dr. Henderson is now working at Mid Maryland Internal Medicine in Frederick, MD.  This website remains active for informational purposes.   He continues to offer the same types of Direct Primary Care services including extended visits, same/next day appointments, and outstanding customer service. Employer groups and individuals are welcome. Mid Maryland offers additional services including on-site blood testing.  Please see the new contact information below.  

Dr. Brendan Henderson established Modern Internal Medicine as a Direct Primary Care clinic in 2018 with additional unique features to serve Frederick and the surrounding areas.  He completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Yale and earned board certification in 2009.   


While he excels at managing chronic medical conditions, he also specializes in creating personalized wellness plans for weight loss, nutrition, and physical/athletic performance so as to prevent them.  Through his methods, he has helped many individuals achieve remission of various conditions such as diabetes and hypertension eliminating the need for expensive medications and ensuring better future health.  

Through the Direct Primary Care Model and by limiting significantly the number of patients we see we can provide a level of personalized care that is not possible in the traditional healthcare models.  This allows us to offer same or next day appointments, little to no waiting room time, and extended conversational visits.  You now have a doctor who takes the time to listen and approaches medical conditions in a holistic manner addressing the underlying causes and relying on traditional medications only as a last resort.    

How does Modern Internal Medicine distinguish itself from other traditional clinics?

Direct Primary Care 

Healthy Couple

Direct Primary Care clinics do not bill health insurance or Medicare and instead contract directly with you.  This eliminates interference from third party interests and allows physicians to focus solely on the most important person - you!   The benefits include:

   Extended, relaxed conversational visits


   Personalized wellness recommendations

   Annual routine lab work included

   Same day/next day appointments

   Little to no waiting room time

   Home and worksite visits available

   Transparency in pricing - no surprises!



  Access via phone, email, video encounters


  Fewer patients = more time for you


  Discounted medications, labs, and imaging


  Fewer urgent care, E.R., and hospital visits


✓  Coordination of hospital + specialty care 


✓  Free wellness/fitness classes and events

✓  Enhance savings when combined with high-deductible insurance or sharing plans

Wellness Optimization

Young Joggers

Physician Directed Wellness Counseling




Weight loss

Stress Management

Mobility/Athletic Performance

Diabetes/Hypertension Remission

Included for all members - access during patient encounters



✓  Personalized dietary analysis and counseling


✓  Personalized exercise programs for all abilities ranging from improving your ability to walk to enhancing performance for a race, fitness competition, or job fitness test


✓  Holistic approach - physical, emotional, social, spiritual


✓  Navigate modern conveniences and remain healthy

✓  Identify personal stressors, triggers, and habits that hinder health

Serving Frederick 

baker park.jpg

Dr. Henderson plans to get out in the community and get healthy with you. 


His passion for promoting wellness and his dedication to community service will manifest in the following ways:


✓  Involvement in charity fitness events/races/activities


✓  Opportunities for solo allied health providers to practice alongside us in our office


✓  Health care student mentoring on first come/first serve basis


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