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Saving Money on Medications, Labs, and Imaging


Direct Primary Care provides significant cost savings to those with high-deductible insurance, medical sharing, and the uninsured. Please see our blog for more details.


Modern Internal Medicine works with many partners to obtain the lowest prices for our patients who pay out-of-pocket. Even for those individuals who are not subject to insurance deductibles, these prices are often lower than insurance co-pays.  If your insurance co-pay is less, you are still able to access these services through your insurance.  


As opposed to the traditional insurance model, Direct Primary Care provides transparency in pricing.  There are no surprise bills weeks later!  The pricing shown may vary; however, we will always disclose the pricing before a service occurs.  

Please see below examples of savings on common items: 

Sample Lab test savings - 80-90+% discounts



In some cases lower prices have been negotiated for imaging and some MRI/CT are more expensive, but we can usually obtain 50-70% discounts off typical imaging center rates

Most prescriptions we can provide for 30-70% off of the highly discounted store rates.

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