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Modern Internal Medicine Membership Dues Explained

We would like to enhance the wellness of those without chronic disease and prevent the development of chronic disease.  Many associate an absence of disease with wellness or being healthy.  While this is a good start there is more to it. Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.  We would like to make enhancing wellness and preventing chronic disease more affordable and attractive.


Please contact us for current pricing.  We do offer discounts if memberships are paid in full annually.  Quarterly billing is also an option.  

Modern Internal Medicine Membership Levels

Enhancing Wellness -  Primary Care should be easy and inexpensive.   We will provide better quality care and customer service than traditional clinics by listening to your concerns and addressing them promptly and thoroughly.  We will provide same/next day appointments,  offer significantly more time per appointment,  and eliminate waiting room time in nearly all cases.   Our practice will make accessing your doctor easy and efficient.  With 10 appointments provided annually, you now have access to the care needed to focus on preventing the onset of health problems and to enhance the way you feel and perform on a daily basis.


Included Services

Annual Comprehensive Physical and Wellness Exam ✔ 

Appointments (Encounters) included 10 ✔ 

Annual Flu Shot ✔ 

Annual Comprehensive Lab Panel ✔ 

Prescription Refills ✔ 

Optional Phone or Video Appointments ✔ 

Secure Messaging/Email ✔ 

Coordination of Hospital Care ✔ 

Coordination with Specialists ✔ 

Preoperative Examinations ✔ 

Completion of Simple Forms ✔ 

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